Illinois and Puerto Rico lean on AmpliFund to streamline, automate, and simplify the management of grant dollars from application through to performance reporting.

CLEVELAND, April 23, 2019AmpliFund, the leading enterprise grant management platform designed for federal, state and local governments to manage every phase of the grant management process, announced today its most recent partnerships with both the State of Illinois and Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

Over the past four years, the State of Illinois has been implementing the most comprehensive, statewide grant management infrastructure in the U.S., passing the Grant Accountability and Transparency Act and Unit to ensure State and Federal compliance. The State of Illinois selected AmpliFund to automate this infrastructure through the implementation of a statewide grants management system as part of its plan to further standardize and drive compliance of grant-related processes for state agencies and recipients.

AmpliFund provides the State of Illinois the ability to manage all grant funding across 50 agencies. In the first year, AmpliFund is implementing a subset of its technology to 35 grant-making agencies in the State of Illinois and to all 7,000 recipients.

“These new partnerships really highlight the value that a premiere data driven, configurable commercial-off-the-shelf platform have in not only implementing effectively but quickly as well,” said Adam Roth, CEO of AmpliFund. “Our roots make us the strongest product at integrating grant management across and between states, departments, recipients and subrecipients. Our innovation makes us the strongest product as evidenced by our successful implementation in Puerto Rico and our project in Illinois.”

In addition to the State of Illinois, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico has successfully implemented five agencies within the first eight months of engagement with AmpliFund, with complete rollout to occur over the next two years. This partnership provides the central government access to AmpliFund to increase grant funding, drive compliance and reduce risk of all grant funding.

With the implementation of AmpliFund, both the State of Illinois and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico can now standardize grant management, as well as ensure compliance in one form, on one single portal.

“AmpliFund is excited to be the first grant management project to onboard five agencies in the first year of a statewide implementation,” said Jillian Neimeister, Director of Delivery at AmpliFund. “We’ve been thrilled with the speed and effectiveness of the deployment, which has allowed us to quickly onboard hundreds of users and allowed Puerto Rico to identify over $160 million in new funding opportunities.”

AmpliFund is attending the NGMA Conference, as an exhibitor from April 23-25th. Visit their booth to learn more.

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