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af-ps.pngNovember 12, 2013 (Cleveland, Ohio)—StreamLink Software, a software as a service (SaaS) technology provider, announced AmpliFund Public Sector for state, county and municipality grant management.

AmpliFund Public Sector provides end-to-end ecosystem visibility, enabling government entities to track funds entering and leaving their agencies, and effectively evaluate return on investment. Its detailed reporting capabilities ensure compliance while its intuitive interface makes cross-organizational adoption possible.

“With proposed changes to Office of Management and Budget requirements and the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act in the works, demand for grant spending transparency is on the rise,” said Adam Roth, president and CEO of StreamLink Software. “AmpliFund Public Sector helps governments and grant recipients meet new federal regulations, without sacrificing efficiencies.”

The system is designed to manage the entire grant lifecycle, from research and submission to post-award outcome measurement. Funders can also track money and performance across awardees.

AmpliFund Public Sector includes four core modules:

  • Project Module: Track budget and performance at the grant and project levels for more powerful reporting.
  • Fund Module: Monitor money going in and out of a fund or distribution. Incorporate both tax and grant revenue together for the purpose of completing a project.
  • Sub-Recipient Module: Easily manage grants with close oversight on the performance and budget activities of grant sub-recipients, external lead recipients and vendors.
  • Time and Effort Certification Module: Collect accurate timesheets to provide after-the-fact documentation of work completed by grant-funded staff.

StreamLink Software is endorsed by the Grant Professionals Association and was selected by the U.S. Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board for a national “proof of concept” pilot project that would affect all federal grants, loans, contracts and cooperative agreements.

About StreamLink Software

Founded in 2008, StreamLink Software ( designs, develops and markets leading-edge process management tools for nonprofit and public sector institutions.

The company’s flagship grant management solution, AmpliFund, automates hundreds of complex activities throughout the grant lifecycle, thus freeing up valuable resources to pursue additional funding.

Its board management portal, BoardMax, helps organizations engage and communicate with board members. Improved coordination and information sharing translates into less administrative work and more involved board members.

Both products are high-value, affordable software solutions, designed to help nonprofit and public sector entities maintain compliance, generate revenue and build capacity.


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StreamLink Software
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