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Reporting is an integral part of overseeing every phase of the grant management process. Quick access to real-time data and analytics across grants, sub-awards, recipients, budgets, and expenses keeps you in touch with the progress of your portfolio.

Today’s update to the AmpliFund reporting engine brings with it several improvements designed to bring organizations closer to their grant data.

Faster load times


Behind the scenes, we’ve been optimizing our data mart to meet the growing needs of our customers. That means aggregating more and more data points so they’re ready when you need them. As a result, reports in AmpliFund are now loading 30% faster than they were before.

Improved interactivity

AmpliFund Reporting and Dashboards

This update brings a smoother experience for finding and viewing your report data. Everything from applying filters to moving columns to previewing graph metrics can be done more fluidly within a report. Now, each user will also have the option to save their reports and export as PDF for easy sharing, printing, and use outside of AmpliFund.

Less clutter


We took a look at our current list of reports to see which were providing the greatest value to users – both in terms of usage and usefulness. As a result, you’ll start to see a more concise set of reports available, which will make it easier for you to find your favorite report a bit quicker than before.

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