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Program and Performance Overview

To continue maximizing the value of grant funding and to set the stage for enhanced results-oriented accountability for grants, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) recently announced it has revised some sections of its Guidance for Grants and Agreements. Since these revisions will go into effect on November 12, 2020, we want you to be prepared for compliance by that date.

To help you better make sense of these important changes, we will be covering the various update areas in a series of blogs. In our first post we are reviewing changes to performance measurement and program design requirements. Read on to learn more.

Revisions to Performance Measurement

As mentioned, one of the main goals of these latest updates is to increase grant accountability by placing an emphasis on results-based reporting.  This means starting November 12 you will need to produce performance metrics on each Federal award, and Federal awarding agencies must make performance measuring available for each award. This updated guidance will further empower Federal agencies by giving them the ability to terminate awards if the recipient is not meeting performance standards.

These revisions also encourage agencies to measure recipient performance to help them meet objectives, share lessons learned and encourage the adoption of best practices.

Revisions to Program Design

Sound program design is an essential component of the performance management, and as a result, a new provision regarding program planning and design is included. Under this updated guidance, Federal awarding agencies are now formally required to develop a strong program design complete with established program goals, objectives and indicators, to the extent permitted by law, before they solicit any applications.

How to Prepare for Compliance With These Changes

To ensure you will be able to comply with these performance and program guidelines, your organization needs to have the ability to develop comprehensive performance plans for Federal awards, complete with programmatic goals that align with the award.

However, this can be very difficult to manage while also maintaining accuracy if your team is operating with decentralized systems and processes. With a grant management software solution like AmpliFund, you can design an overall performance plan for each program. For example, in AmpliFund six goal collection formats are available with an infinite number of labels which represent all the various outcome formats that could be established and required by the grant distributor.

 A grant management solution will also allow you to automate reports on your performance metrics, directly from your data in the system.


You can access the full version OMB’s updated Guidance for Grants and Agreements here.

Stay tuned for Part Two of this series, covering changes to the de minimis indirect cost rate as well as some updates to terminology.

All editions of this series are now available on our blog:

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