Without strategic grant management, it’s difficult to properly allocate funds, track grant money and ensure compliance.

To stay up-to-date on grant management news, trends and tips, below are some of our favorite influencers to follow.


1. DATA Coalition

DATA Coalition (@DataCoalition) serves as “an advocate of the private and public interest for the publication of government information as standard, open data.” As new federal regulations continue to roll out and shift how organizations manage grants, it’s important to understand the status and implications of these laws. DATA Coalition’s blog can help you do just that. The blog covers topics, such as:

Stay in the know on the latest DATA Act, open data and financial transparency news.

2. MyFedTrainer

MyFedTrainer (@MyFedTrainer) provides grant-management and compliance training.

Its blog offers valuable insight on grant management trends and success tips, among other topics. In addition, MyFedTrainer provides resources and templates to help further training and understanding of grant management processes.

3. GrantChat

GrantChat allows industry professionals to share, connect and grow together. The program fuels a weekly grant Twitter chat (@Grant_Chat) that is “open to all professionals who work with grants in some capacity.” Some topics discussed on the Twitter chat are: “Grant Horror Stories,” “Getting the Most Out of a Conference,” and “Organized Approach to Proposal Writing.”

In addition to its Twitter chat, the GrantChat blog houses resources to help grant professionals learn. Some top posts, include:

4. Grant Professional Association

Grant Professional Association (GPA) (@GPANational) has more than 1,800 members internationally. The organization “focuses on helping its members on the advancement of grantsmanship as a profession and as support of its practitioners.” Its blog features several categories that help abide by these beliefs. Some include:

5. National Grants Management Association

National Grants Management Association (NGMA) (@NGMAnews) is designed to help professionals maintain grant management competency and fuel excellence for grant managers. To help grant professionals succeed, NGMA provides valuable insight through:

6. Grants.Gov (@grantsdotgov) is an organization managed by the Department of Health and Human Services. The system houses information for more than 1,000 grant programs, in addition to vetting grant applications for federal agencies.

Its community blog is designed to help the federal grant community receive the tools and guidance they need to do their jobs and remain compliant. Grant professionals can find information on funding, grant policy, applicants and more.

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