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When we designed AmpliFund as an out-of-the-box solution, we made sure to equip it with a robust set of features covering the entire grant lifecycle. However, we also understand that one size doesn’t always fit all. If you need to build internal reports for stakeholders or you have specific data points you need to report on, we know you may need to see and present your data differently.

Recognizing the importance of reporting capabilities, we have spent the last year improving our advanced reporting features. Check out some of the improvements we’ve made.

Reports and Dashboards

AmpliFund Reporting and Dashboards

When customers asked for the ability to visualize and share their data in ways more meaningful to their specific organizations, we heard them. That’s why we have expanded the capabilities of our custom reports and dashboards.

Whether you need a simple report or more advanced capabilities, you can now configure ad hoc reports and dashboards, then easily save for later and share them with other members of your organization. You can also limit the users who receive these reports to help segment data.

Custom Data Elements

Custom Data Mapping

With advanced AmpliFund features, you can easily create custom fields and collect the all data elements that are most relevant to your organization. That information can then easily be incorporated into an ad hoc report and used to dynamically create documents. For instance, if you need to generate multiple grant agreements that include recipients, you can map the PDF form to AmpliFund data fields and quickly create those documents at once.

Application Data


Even award management needs to be streamlined, so we further simplified the process of reviewing applications.

With applications, you can now more easily add custom fields to the system as well as to applicant responses. The scores associated with them will then be available in the reporting engine. You can also more efficiently build custom scoring reports and use custom fields in your grant and sub-recipient reporting.

If you are interested in learning more about our advanced reporting and dashboards, contact us for a demo. Also, subscribe to our blog to learn more about the grant management landscape.

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