When assessing grant management software, you need to think long-term. It’s not just about the pricing of the product and the implementation process. You need a grant management software vendor that actively assists you with the product even after you have the software up and running.

To help you assess if your grant management software vendor focuses on overall customer success, we have identified a few key signs.

They ask for your feedback

You want your grant management software to work for your organization, and your needs may be different than other customers’. Does your grant management software vendor solicit customer feedback via surveys or emails? If they are regularly asking for your opinion on the product, it likely means they will take your specific needs into consideration when making future product updates.

They offer consistent trainings

A customer success-focused grant management software team will not disappear post-implementation. Whether to address product updates, to assist in onboarding new team members, or just to help your team keep up with your grant management, customer-focused grant management software vendors will offer consistent training opportunities. Be sure to ask how often your grant management software provider hosts trainings and how easy they are to access.

They employ a variety of support mechanisms

Lastly, identify the ways in which your grant management software team keeps track of help needed and how they provide tips and tricks for using the software. Grant management software vendors who are focused on customer success will have a reliable ticketing system and number of readily available and up-to-date customer support resources. Also, look at their organizational structure and check if they have employees specifically hired to ensure customer satisfaction is met and exceeded.

If you want to assess AmpliFund’s commitment customer success, contact us or visit our extensive resource library.

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