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OMB’s Grant Exceptions During COVID-19 Spread

In an effort to lessen administrative burdens that could delay funding, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has instituted some grant exceptions for instances where the awards are supporting research and services related to COVID-19.

Through the 90-day Public Health Emergency Declaration, awarding agencies are authorized to make a number of COVID-19 grant exceptions, including extending awards and reports, waiving various approval requirements, and shortening the timeframe for Notice of Funding Opportunities. OMB will assess these exceptions after the 90-day period.

Find the full list of authorized actions on the White House website.

White House and Senate Pass COVID-19 Stimulus Package, Including Major Grant Dollars

On Wednesday, March 25 the White House and Senate passed a stimulus package in response to the coronavirus spread. The proposal is set to inject $2 trillion into the economy, including $500 billion for a major corporate liquidity program, $347 billion for a small business loan program, $100 billion for hospitals, and $150 billion for state and local governments. 

Learn more about this stimulus package here.

Register Today for the Encore of OMB’s March Grants Innovation Exchange

If you want to learn more about these OMB changes in light of coronavirus, registration is now open for the encore of OMB’s March Grants Innovation Exchange. This session is entitled OMB Updates: Administrative Relief for Recipients and Applicants Impacted by the Novel Coronavirus; and Implementation of The GREAT Act and will feature a discussion of the recent administrative relief OMB memos. 

The session is occurring on March 31 from 3 to 4 p.m., and you can register today through this link.

How to Operate Your Current Funding During Coronavirus Spread

Have questions or concerns about how COVID-19 could affect your current research or projects or collaboration with the National Institute of Health (NIH)? The NIH is keeping an up-to-date guide for its applicants and recipients on how they will manage awards during this period.

Find the FAQ here.

All About the Coronavirus Funding Package

Within the next 30 days states and localities will receive more than $400 million in grants for coronavirus preparedness. Not sure what all this $8.3 billion funding package encapsulates? Learn more about the six key provisions.

Preparing Nonprofits for Coronavirus Recovery

Nonprofits and foundations are not only one of the keys to helping during this time of crisis, they will also be necessary to rebuild our communities in the future. Read more about the steps a grant maker can take now to ensure nonprofits are still viable entities following the Corona spread.

Philanthropists – Don’t Stop, Just Slow Down

While many have stopped or paused their philanthropic efforts due to the recent coronavirus pandemic, you don’t have to. Learn how to slow down, specifically with your grant programs, so you can still work towards your organization’s mission during this time.