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To Improve Your Grant Outcomes and Best Support Your Initiatives, You Have to Centralize Your Grant Management Practices

But there is a problem...

iconsai_Select-1You lack a centralized place to manage your grants

iconsai_Select-1You are struggling to stay on-top of constantly evolving Federal grant requirements

iconsai_Select-1You can’t maintain accountability over your award management

iconsai_Select-1You don’t have the tools to streamline your performance measurement

iconsai_Select-1You can’t easily and effectively communicate with everyone involved in the grant process, including subrecipients

iconsai_Select-1You are suffering from a large workload and few administrative resources

Tailor Your Grant Management Software to the Nuances of Your Industry

We’re not just a software provider.

We’re your partner in your mission.

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“AmpliFund not only meets my organization’s needs well, but surpassed our expectations! As the Grant Administrator for a large healthcare system, I can’t even imagine doing my job without it. AmpliFund is your whole grant record in one place, from the application through closeout … We have 20,000+ employees spread across two states, and I can easily manage who has access to each grant record.”

Jeff Klein
OSF Healthcare Systems

Stop Struggling with Grant Management and Amplify Your Impact with AmpliFund

The number of data points required to report on for every grant dollar is increasing, which is continuing to create additional administrative burden on your team. With AmpliFund configured to your organization, you’ll ease the administrative burden, you’ll ensure accountability over your performance, and you’ll amplify your impact.

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