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Does Your Organization Struggle to Stay on Top of Your Grants?

Do you fear awarded funds will be misappropriated or not drawn down properly?

Does your organization struggle with everchanging legislation?

Do you have limited administrative resources?

Is there a lack of visibility into the performance outcomes of your grants?

Are you having problems communicating or collaborating with stakeholders?

Are you constrained by legacy systems or paperwork?

Maximize Your Awarded Grant Dollars and New Opportunities

Manage Thousands of Grants a Year, All From One Dashboard


AmpliFund Grant Maker is Offered in Three Tiers

Choose the edition that’s right for your organization


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Helping You Maximize Your Grant Dollars

As a grant maker, you may be distributing hundreds – or thousands – of awards per year. Between the administrative challenges, this poses, and the increasing federal regulations on data, centralized grant management is critical for grant makers.

AmpliFund grant management software will help you oversee and execute your grant responsibilities through a centralized platform. With advanced features and configurable workflows, you’re poised to standardize processes, automate document creation, and increase efficiency, all while managing high volumes of grant applicants.

OSF Healthcare

“AmpliFund not only meets my organization’s needs well, but surpassed our expectations! As the Grant Administrator for a large healthcare system, I can’t even imagine doing my job without it. AmpliFund is your whole grant record in one place, from the application through closeout … We have 20,000+ employees spread across two states, and I can easily manage who has access to each grant record.”

Jeff Klein
OSF Healthcare Systems

County of Kauai

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