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Integration Capabilities

The Challenge

It is instrumental to connect your grant management software to your ERP system to enable a two-way flow of expense-related information. This is required to properly track grant funds and apply them toward program objectives as quickly and efficiently as possible.

the problem

The Solution

AmpliFund is the only grant management solution that provides grant makers and grant seekers with tested, reliable out-of-the-box integrations for the most common ERP systems as well as an option to use our Open API.

the solution

Grant Seeker Expense Integration

AmpliFund is the only GMS provider to successfully develop an out-of-the box integration for the most common ERP systems that is set up quickly, reliably, and early in the implementation process to reduce administrative burden and increase transparency.

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AmpliFund moves expense records from the customer’s ERP system into our system and associates them with the correct grant and grant budget. This reconciliation can take place weekly or daily (Monday through Friday) to ensure our customers can access the data they need when they need it.

The Benefits To Your Organization:


Time savings & accuracy

  • Easily leverage grant expense data from your financial system
  • Eliminate double entry, which reduces administrative burden and risk of error


  • Improve your ability to monitor budgets against actuals
  • Gain insights needed to optimize grant spend

Automate Reporting

  • Standardize access to relevant, time-sensitive data often required to automate many federal and funder-specific financial reports

Grant Maker Payments Integration

AmpliFund is the only GMS provider to successfully deliver integrations to customers with a variety of ERP systems to reduce the time it takes for their recipients to get paid, decrease the opportunity for errors, and improve the accuracy of fund tracking.

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This integration automates the movement of approved payments from AmpliFund to the customer’s payment or accounts payable application. It also updates records in the GMS as the payment is sent to the recipient so that your grant information stays current.

The Benefits To Your Organization:


Time savings & accuracy

  • Reduce lag between approval and remediation of payment to recipient
  • Reduce manual data entry and movement of data between systems


  • Improve visibility into payment status
  • Increase the ability to quickly identify issues
  • Stay updated on payments denied by finance

Centralizes activities

  • Recipient grant reporting and reimbursement processes in one place

AmpliFund’s Open API

AmpliFund’s Open API empowers customers to build their own data connection between any system in their tech stack and AmpliFund’s GMS. Customers who have either a robust in-house IT team or a partner that intimately understands their software systems and the capabilities to build their own API can purchase access to develop against our open API.

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This API Access provides customers with the capability to tie into virtually any solution they desire.

The Benefits To Your Organization:


Building your own solution provides the ultimate flexibility:

  • Structure
  • Data Flow
  • Cadence

Enable data flow beyond financial systems such as:

  • HR systems (time tracking for time & effort)
  • GIS systems (geographic data for performance tracking)
  • and more


API Considerations:

When opting for this approach over our standard, out-of-the-box solution, one consideration is the increased resources required from your team when managing the ongoing support and maintenance needed.

Our team is ready to help you assess your programs and systems to determine which solution is right for your organization.

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Common ERP Integrations

Our integration solutions can be implemented with a variety of ERP solutions, including these and many more. If you don’t see the system you use in our list, just ask.

Get Help with Custom Integrations

We are also happy to support customers who need a custom integration. This is best accomplished by working with one of our trusted partners. To find the right partner to build your custom integration please contact us.