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Take your grant management software to the next level.

AmpliFund offers core functionalities for anyone managing the grant lifecycle. Aligning with your organization’s specific data management needs, AmpliFund enables you to easily take advantage of our advanced segments, adding more configurability and capabilities to specific areas of the platform.

From adding custom fields and creating custom reports, to dynamically generating documents and integrating with legacy software, our advanced segments give organizations the ability to configure and scale our grant management software — entirely around the needs of your enterprise.

AmpliFund Product Upgrades Product Mockup

Build for what you need

By extending segments of the platform, you can ensure you’re getting the functionality your organization requires.

AmpliFund Product Upgrades Product Mockup

Capture meaningful information

Better understand the impact of your funding by tracking and visualizing various data elements in more meaningful ways.

grant software UI

Scale with added simplicity

Change is natural in the grant lifecycle. AmpliFund makes it easy for your grant management system to adapt to those changes.


Add your custom data fields

Dynamically generate documents from your data

Design ad hoc reports and dashboards

Integrate with existing systems

Link multiple organizations under a single hierarchy

Automate standard business processes with structured programmatic workflows

Visualize your data in more meaningful ways

Define form layouts, field types and validation rules

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