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2020 Grant Landscape At-A-Glance

It is no question that 2020 was an interesting year. In fact, it was particularly noteworthy for grants — and this wasn’t just because of COVID-19.

By evaluating customer insights and through discussions with other industry experts, we identified four key changes to the fundamental principles of effective grant management that occurred in 2020.

Notable Changes to Grant Management in 2020

  1. Unprecedented amounts of recovery funding inspired organizations to enact or improve processes for managing and distributing grants during times of crisis.
  2. Revisions to grant-specific Federal legislation continued the push for accountability.
  3. The uncertain economic climate resulted in organizations from all sectors adopting new fundraising tactics.
  4. The surge in employees working from home and the continued push for performance-based grant outcomes increased the adoption of and reliance on purpose-built Grant Management Software.

How Organizations Responded to These Changes

To adapt their procedures to best adhere to the changing grant landscape, during this year, organizations from a variety of sectors turned to AmpliFund to help them improve their grant management processes and increase their accountability. These were not only organizations looking to improve upon their overall funding outcomes, but also organizations needing to adapt their processes to effectively and quickly manage recovery funds so they could continue maximizing their outcomes and helping their communities.

To see if AmpliFund is right for you in 2021, request a demo today.

*Photo by Eliza Diamond on Unsplash