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Capacity Building for the Future

Capacity building can help make an organization more efficient, productive, and focused. Capacity building activities encompass anything that enables an organization (or team) to do its job more effectively and efficiently. Your organization can introduce capacity building activities at any point in the grant lifecycle, or the capacity evaluation process. Capacity building activities can include leadership development and planning for future collaboration. At an individual level, examples of capacity building activities can consist of training and mentorships. Organizational capacity building activities tend to focus on a broader scale.

Different kinds of capacity building  

There are a wide range of different kinds of capacity your organization can assess and address. Some examples include:

Types of capacity   

  • human (knowledge/skill) 
  • organizational (communication and collaboration) 
  • structural (procedures) 
  • material (equipment) 

Levels of capacity   

  • information 
  • skills 
  • structures 
  • processes 

Intended outcomes of capacity building  

  • developmental outcomes (improvement of a skill) 
  • transitional outcomes (moving to a new desired state) 
  • transformational outcomes (significant differences) 

Organizational capacity building 

Capacity building activities for organizations may focus on shoring up sustainability, improving governance, supporting collaboration, or strengthening infrastructure. The outcome of all of these activities is that they allow an organization to grow and thrive.

Capacity building activities at the organizational level could include: 

Leadership development

Leadership development should strive for proper communication and education of their team. The administration of a nonprofit needs to recognize its growth needs and develop its management skills to maintain a sustainable business. 

Collaboration planning

Finding the right partner at the right time to increase growth. 

Investing in new IT capacity

New technology, if used correctly, will cut down on specific tasks for your staff. The key is to create an implementation team that can work together on any new technology rollout with internal communications and software adoption. 


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