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More Than Software: People, Resources & Partners

More Than Software: People, Resources & Partners

Going Beyond Technology

We are committed to creating a better world by simplifying business processes and amplifying grant resources to accelerate missions globally. While we fully believe that technology—including AmpliFund software—is essential to accomplish this, we also recognize that this ambition requires more than just software.

Grant management is complex and ever-changing. To equip you to amplify your grant funding, you need resources, education, and services that can fill gaps, extend your capabilities, and ensure your compliance. Because we cannot fulfill our mission if we do not empower you to achieve yours, we have prioritized the creation of relevant resources and partnerships to support you in a wholistic fashion.

Our People

An experienced and passionate extension of your team

From its inception, AmpliFund has been shaped by the passion of our people. We recognize that we can impact communities by easing the challenges grant managers face and equipping them to maximize the impact of each grant dollar. Knowledge, experience, and commitment can be found across our teams, which include NGMA Certified Grants Management Specialists, Prosci-certified Change Management Specialists, PMP certified Project Managers, and former grants professionals from every sector. This experience and passion inform how we develop our product, guide our customers’ implementation process, and remain committed to their successful use of AmpliFund every day.

Our Resources

Education that is always accessible

Informed by the experience, knowledge, and skills that span our teams, we are constantly developing relevant and timely grant management resources that you can easily access for free in our Learning Hub. From checklists on award closeout and managing recipients to guides on the essentials of grant management and explainers on legislation that impacts you, these materials keep you up to date, provide best practices, and share lessons gleaned from a decade of working with grant managers across the public sector. You can sign up for Resource Alerts delivered right to your inbox here.

In addition to our Learning Hub resources, we ensure our customers have access to trainings and materials that support their specific use case. AmpliFund customers get a full training plan that includes customer-focused assets, video, user guides, workflows, and more. These resources help them sustain their system understanding, expand their grant management capabilities, and equip them to train future staff.

Our Partner Services

Filling gaps and expanding capabilities

AmpliFund partners with a variety of organizations to enhance the value we provide to our customers—ultimately enabling them to further expand their grant management capacity and capabilities.

We understand that many organizations do not have the resources to apply for and manage grants, properly allocate costs, standardize processes, and stay current on compliance guidance. This is why we’ve developed relationships with partners who have the training and experience to handle all your grant administration and management. Through them, you have access to:

Together for Impact

If you have questions on any of our resources, services, or partnerships, please reach out. If you’d like to understand where our technology fits into the mix, we’d love to show you a demo. We truly believe it is the combination of these parts—resources, services, and technology—that will enable grant managers to achieve their program goals more efficiently, faster, and with greater impact.


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