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The Benefits of a Grants Management Partner

Managing grants is complicated, and most organizations need extra help on a variety of tasks and responsibilities related to their funding. Numerous programs are under-resourced and need more capacity to not only manage the funding they currently have, but also win additional grants. This results in organizations wanting to hire a consultant to provide additional support.

A consultant is expected to provide support and expertise to organizations and help ensure that grant funds are used effectively and efficiently but finding the right consultant for your organization can take time, effort, and a budget you may not have available.

Many of the tasks and responsibilities that a grants management consultant can help with can also be performed by grants management software. For example, grants management software (GMS) like AmpliFund can help organizations identify potential grant opportunities, develop grant proposals and applications. In addition, a GMS can help you develop and implement grant management strategies along with providing tools and features to streamline budget management and reporting.

Some of the most important tasks grants management software can help with include the following:

1. Identifying potential grant opportunities, develop, and submit proposals.

Grants management software can help organizations identify potential grant opportunities that align with their goals and priorities, and can assist with the development of grant proposals. With AmpliFund, you can even automatically convert your successful application into an award record you can then manage in the system with just a few clicks.

2. Developing and implementing a grants management strategy.

Grants management software can help organizations develop and implement grant management plans that outline the steps and processes for managing awards including tracking and reporting requirements, budget management, and supporting compliance with grant terms and conditions.

3. Providing training and support.

Grants management software can help provide and facilitate training by standardizing tasks to help grants staff develop the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in their roles. The ability to automate workflows can even help onboard new staff faster.

4. Assisting with monitoring and evaluation.

Grants management software can assist with the monitoring and evaluation of grant-funded programs, activities and performance so organizations can assess the impact and effectiveness of their grant-funded projects and identify areas for improvement. Having this data readily available at all times also helps streamline audits in the future.


Overall, grants management software can provide many of the same capabilities as a grants management consultant when it comes to helping organizations manage their awards effectively, efficiently, and within budget.

It is important to note that grants management software is just one piece to consider. The expertise and support that a grants management partner can provide is also extremely valuable.

That’s why AmpliFund aims to be more than just a software provider. We are a grant management partner that offers software to manage your awards in addition to personalized resources, tools, and support based on the specific needs and challenges of your organization.

Let’s talk about how we can get you the support you need to be successful.


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