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The ERP + GMS Approach

Warning: Prioritizing an ERP Purchase over GMS has Immediate and Long-term Consequences

Prioritizing an ERP purchase over a dedicated grant management system (GMS) can have an immediate impact on the efficiency of grant-related processes. ERP systems are designed to encompass a wide range of organizational functions, but even those that offer some grant management features often lack the depth and specialization found in dedicated GMS solutions. Grant managers must speak up or lose the opportunity to efficiently manage their grant programs, ensure compliance, and maximize the impact of those grant dollars.

This Explainer outlines why the best approach is a simultaneous purchase of both an ERP and a GMS that are then able to be integrated.

Download to access proactive and practical ways to:

  • Overcome common concerns presented by finance and IT teams
  • Demonstrate how this approach benefits the organization as a whole
  • Outline how ERP + GMS optimizes the investment in both systems