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Webinar On Demand | Vital Role of GMS for Compliance

Navigating Compliance: The Vital Role of a Grant Management System

The final webinar in this series demonstrates how a grant management system (GMS), specifically AmpliFund, enables you to implement the reporting and compliance activities detailed in webinars #1 and #2. With ever-evolving federal requirements and growing opportunities for grant funding, a GMS is now essential as it enables vital data management and reporting that is key to compliance. It is also helps demonstrate to funders the value of the programs their grant dollars support.

We will cover:

  • The value of data and document centralization
  • Tying grant activities to performance metrics, goals, and measurable outcomes
  • Reviewing example reports, including a SEFA report, and leveraging the built-in report scheduler

You’ll walk away with:

  • Our Guide to the Essentials of Grant Compliance and Reporting
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