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Does Your Nonprofit Struggle to Stay Up-to-Date on Grants?


Have you struggled to adhere to the requirements of the varying grant types your nonprofit is receiving?

Does your nonprofit lack a centralized platform for your grants?

Is your nonprofit losing the capacity-building funding that is keeping your organization running?

Are you noticing a lack of proper communication channels for your team?

Is it difficult to ensure all of your community partners follow grant protocols?

Are you consistently missing critical grant deadlines?

AmpliFund software gives you everything you need to properly manage your grants to maximize your nonprofit grants funding and eliminates all the guesswork.

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Manage Thousands of Grants a Year and Get the Reporting You Deserve, All From One Dashboard

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As a grant manager for a nonprofit, nearly 30 percent of the funding you are managing on a daily basis comes from grants. Grants, therefore, are essential for your organization to continue furthering its cause — the reason your nonprofit exists.

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