The 2017 State of Grant Management Report

It’s no secret grant management has evolved over the years. Our report, “2017 State of Grant Management” presents data from 193 individuals, outlining the challenges and triumphs of 2017 grant management and identifies the level to which organization have adapted to changes in the federal landscape –- and the tools and technology used for grant compliance and oversight..

“Of those who receive federal funding, 60% believe new federal funding requirements are creating more work for their organization.”

This report uncovers insights including:

  • Top revenue and funding sources for grant-seeking organizations
  • Common grant management challenges and frustrations
  • Levels of adaptability to federal funding requirements and regulations
  • Tools and technologies used within the grants management world
  • The impact of grant management software on processes
  • Future grant opportunities and challenges

“Sixty-three percent of those who don’t use a grant software solution believe they could benefit from one.”

For more information, download “2017 State of Grant Management” today.