A guide to helping states standardize grant management processes for compliance and maximum drawdown.

After tax revenue, federal funds are states’ largest funding source, according to the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO). If managed properly, state grant revenue can positively impact everything from education to healthcare. Unfortunately, mismanagement of grants is still all too common at the state level.

“In 2016 alone, the federal government (GAO) disbursed nearly $5.5 billion in grant awards to states and local governments. However, almost $1 billion in undisbursed funding remained in grant accounts.”

To help states improve their grant management, this ebook shares insights including:

  • Current pieces of data legislation and how they may affect state grant management
  • Common grant management challenges and solutions
  • Examples of successful state grant management
  • Steps for state grant management improvement

“When your state improves its grant management processes, it will not just make your internal workflow more streamlined. It will also draw down more money for important state-wide programs and initiatives, ultimately improving your citizens’ quality of life.”

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