The Changing Landscape of Grant Reporting

Federal Requirements, Data Transparency and Tomorrow’s Grant Managers

Executive Summary

As federal grant management continues to evolve, it’s molded by larger forces across the spectrum — government legislation, citizen movements, technology advances and more. And as government initiatives work to adopt standards that will impact both grantors and recipients of federal dollars, what remains unclear is whether current grant management processes are cut out for these changes.

Our white paper “The Changing Landscape of Grant Reporting: Federal Requirements, Data Transparency and Tomorrow’s Grant Managers, ” focuses on what’s ahead for those shaping and witnessing changes in the grant management landscape. Inside you’ll uncover:

    • Major players and milestones
    • How data reporting is going to change
    • How your organization can prepare

Contributors include:

  • Michael Wood, former executive director of the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board
  • Hudson Hollister, founder and executive director at the Data Transparency Coalition
  • Jesse Buggs, director of the Office of Grant Development & Administration, City of Bowie, Maryland