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Benefits of AmpliFund grant management software for Educational Institutions

Boost revenue and capacity through strategic and efficient management processes, gaining the capital you need to fund investments. 

Centralize project management to improve oversight and reporting for institutions with multiple grant-sponsored educational programs.

Assign goals to sub-recipients, collaborate on budget and performance plans, and centrally monitor progress to ensure they spend funds appropriately.

Store goals, activity performance and financial data in one location to automate and simplify compliance with regulations like Uniform Guidance.

Monitor re-distributed funds from multiple departments to oversee funding sources, and view performance data at the fund and distribution levels.

Track grant-funded employees’ time, implementing approval processes to easily supervise and document completed work.

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“AmpliFund has significantly improved the college’s ability to efficiently manage our awarded grants … The support team has been super helpful and responsive to our needs. I highly recommend AmpliFund to anyone who is looking for a full lifecycle grant management system.”

Shannon Flavin Cox
Waubonsee Community College

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