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Award Closeout Toolkit

Our toolkit features five resources to help grant managers stay on track, gather the data and documents needed, and monitor compliance at each stage of a grant’s life to successfully close out their awards.

Award Closeout: A Checklist for Grant Makers

Award closeout is challenging—especially when managing multiple awards. Use this checklist to get organized, standardize your closeout processes, and help recipients stay on track.

Guide: How to Close Out an Award

Award closeout can be stressful. Download this eBook to find best practices, resources, and tips for a closeout that entails less stress and more success.

Award Closeout: A Comprehensive Checklist for Grant Recipients

Keeping track of documents, maintaining compliance, and staying within the conditions of grant agreements requires planning and organization from the moment you receive your award. Use this checklist to help you establish an organized and systematic approach to your award closeout process.