Optimizing Your Grant Infrastructure

An Amplifund Webinar Series

Webinar #3: Award Closeout: Let’s Start at the Beginning

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Award Closeout: Let’s Start at the Beginning

While closeout may come at the end of the award program, preparing for it starts on day one. Closeout requires reconciliation of both expenditures and activities against the budget and within the parameters of the award agreement. Ultimately, you must show that you spent your funds in a way that enabled you to achieve your documented goals. To effectively demonstrate this at closeout, you must have processes in place from the start and establish periodic checkpoints to ensure that your program stays on track and activities, as well as expenses, are appropriate and documented.

In this webinar, we'll cover:

  • What is needed for closeout – for both the grant maker and recipients
  • Common missteps that you can avoid
  • Practical strategies for successful closeout

You'll walk away with:

Two checklists – one for grant makers and another for grant recipients – to help you implement the steps we discuss.


Jennifer Zarek, LSSYB

Implementation Team Lead, AmpliFund

Jennifer most recently managed a business innovation team for the Nebraska Economic Development Department where she was an AmpliFund client. She understands firsthand the challenges our customers face in implementing both the processes and software to support their grant programs. Jennifer uses her valuable experience to help customers evaluate and redesign their business processes to maximize the impact of our software.

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