Optimizing Your Grant Infrastructure

An Amplifund Webinar Series

Webinar #2: Laying the Foundation for Centralizing Your Grant Management

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Laying the Foundation for Centralizing Your Grant Management

Compliance and impact occupy much of a grant manager’s focus, but achieving both requires attention to a multitude of details and processes. To effectively manage grants, organizations need to foster cross-functional communication, stay aware of activities occurring across all departments, oversee various budgets, and track performance goals. For most, taking the time to institute formal grants management centralization practices will be necessary to both improve outcomes and maintain your compliance.

In this webinar, we answer 3 foundational questions:

  1. What is Grant Management Centralization?
  2. Why is it a federal goal?
  3. How does it impact Grant Programs (Compliance, Capacity, Efficiency)?

And you walk away with:

Four Steps for Centralizing Grant Management


Jillian Neimeister, CGMS, PMP

Head of Customer Success, AmpliFund

Jillian is the Head of Customer Success for AmpliFund, overseeing the team responsible for intricately understanding our customer’s needs and configuring AmpliFund to meet them post-purchase. Jillian has a Masters in Nonprofit Administration and Leadership and for the decade prior to joining AmpliFund, she sat in the seat of many of our clients as a grant writer and manager in the nonprofit industry.

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