Just like recovery funding is not just one funding stream, grant management is not just one process. When managing grants, organizations need to foster cross-functional communication, be aware of activities occurring across all departments, oversee various budgets, and track performance goals, all while remaining compliant with grant management legislation. But this is manageable. 

To see if your organization could benefit from technology support before you start reporting on your funded projects, use the following checklist.

Circle “yes” or “no” below:

Yes No Based on our grant revenue, we are subject to the Single Audit
Yes No We manage at least one large grant with detailed reporting requirements
Yes No We manage and report on several small-to-mid-sized grants
Yes No We are the prime recipient of one or more grants and are responsible for reporting on subrecipient performance
Yes No We receive Federal funds and need to remain compliant with new regulations, including the DATA Act, OMB Uniform Grants Guidance, and the GREAT Act.
Yes No We are managing, or are planning to manage, COVID-19 recovery funding
Yes No Multiple departments within our organization submit grant reporting data to our development office for inclusion in performance reports
Yes No We are unable to provide financial or non-financial data to support program performance to grantors
Yes No Grants have not been renewed due to our organization’s inability to properly report on performance
Yes No Lost drawdown has cost our organization awarded funds
Yes No We failed to perform well in an audit or a subrecipient risk assessment
Yes No Grant manager(s) and/or members of the grants team do not feel they have enough time to devote to managing awards
Yes No Our team is stretched thin and has limited time to pursue new funding opportunities
Yes No We have not applied for awards that could have been beneficial because we were not confident that we could manage the compliance and reporting requirements
Yes No We use Excel, Word and other software tools together to manage the pre-and-post-award process
Yes No We frequently miss deadlines associated with grant activity
Yes No If we experienced turnover in the organization, we would be unable to easily pick up where the former team member left off
Yes No Grant information is siloed among key personnel with no central repository or management process

If you answered “yes” to three of the above items or more, a grant management system - designed with compliance requirements in mind -can help provide the tools needed to properly distribute and manage your grants at a reasonable cost without needing custom development. An off-the-shelf solution will reduce the time you will need to devote to implementation so you can get started right away.

Download the checklist here.

As your grant management partner,  AmpliFund  can provide numerous tools,  resources, and  expertise to ensure your team has the knowledge to  successfully understand and  carry out processes that drive improved outcomes, and we will be there to help long after implementation is complete.

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