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Grant Management Solutions for State Governments

Implement strong internal controls & improve transparency
Get real-time insight into recipient performance
Significantly reduce audit findings
Why AmpliFund?

We’re Your Extended Team

The complexities of grant management at the state level can be extensive. When you’re distributing federal funding, managing funding, and monitoring recipients and subrecipients, keeping up with deadlines, critical data and key documents becomes challenging—and you may fall short of compliance requirements.

With AmpliFund, you can establish standardized processes that enable effective communication between agencies, centralized grant management, and streamlined reporting statewide. As a result, you’ll have confidence in the compliance and impact of the programs that utilize the critical funds you’ve been entrusted with.

Why AmpliFund?

Industry Knowledge & Best Practices

We are more than software. Our goal is to ease your grant management burden by sharing resources and guidance that enable you to efficiently manage grants, ensure compliance, and, ultimately, put more of the available funds directly into programs that benefit your citizens.

Our team stays current on legislation and compliance issues as well as grant management best practices. We continuously add guides, checklists, articles, and other tools to our learning hub.

AmpliFund is Trusted By

The State of Illinois
Kansas Department of Corrections
Ponca Tribe of Nebraska
Deputy Sheriff Riverside County
City of Cheyenne
Nez Perce Tribe
Kalamazoo County Government
Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians
City of Everett, WA
Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa
Colorado Housing and Finance Authority
National Congress of American Indians

Learn how the Nebraska Department of Economic Development (DED) migrated from spreadsheets to a GMS to improve performance reporting and create capacity.

Grant Management Solutions That Fit Your Needs

Grant Maker

Increase Capacity
Manage Applications & Recipients
Improve Outcomes

Grant Seeker

Increase Funding
Maintain Compliance
Streamline Reporting

Full Grant Lifecycle

Centralize Operations
Maintain Compliance
Improve Communication

Meet the Team

We are a team driven by your mission. People are what matter to you so our people are here to ensure your programs are set up to maximize your impact for your citizens. We support you from implementation through the daily management of your grant programs.

“My primary goal is to give our customers tools to enhance the work they are already doing and hopefully make their lives better/easier.”
Jennifer Zarek, CGMS, LSSYB
Implementation Team Lead
Let's Chat

Jennifer most recently managed a business innovation team for the Nebraska Economic Development Department where she was an AmpliFund client. She understands firsthand the challenges our customers face in implementing both the processes and software to support their grant programs. Jennifer joined AmpliFund as an Implementation Lead so that she could use that valuable experience to help customers evaluate and redesign their business processes to maximize the impact of our software.