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End-to-end enterprise grant management for the full lifecycle.

Organizations that both receive and distribute grant funding have twice the grant management responsibilities, but no additional resources to handle them. Combined with changing regulations and reporting requirements, these administrative tasks can quickly pile up and overwhelm administrators if efficient grant management processes aren’t in place.

AmpliFund centralizes all grant management tasks, from pre-award research through post-award grant closeout. For organizations responsible for overseeing both grantors and grantees, our solution helps manage budgets and maintain compliance throughout the entire grant lifecycle.

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Establish end-to-end transparency

AmpliFund captures every aspect of the grant process, providing organization-wide visibility at every stage and ensuring no steps are missed.

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Maximize the effectiveness of every grant dollar

Our grant software helps you track obligated, disbursed and available dollars, ensuring you make the most of allocated funding.

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Eliminate silos and promote collaboration 

AmpliFund improves communication and transparency, enabling you to dynamically assign roles and responsibilities, and store organizational data in one place.


Use search criteria to identify relevant funding opportunities

Plan program goals, build budgets and manage your grant portfolio

Collect and validate grant applicants via web portal

Define funding criteria, eligibility requirements, timeline and workflows

Centralize grant administration, amendments, performance reporting and task delegation

Monitor grant performance and track program achievements

Manage budgets and submit payment requests

Manage and assign recipients, create sub-awards, combine funds and split grants

Get expert insights on enterprise grant management.

County of Kauai

“AmpliFund has allowed us to manage both incoming and outgoing grant awards, and the web-based platform provides us with the ability to store records for each of our grants so they can easily be accessed by all team members. Aloha!”

Ann Wooton
Grants Program Manager, County of Kaua’i

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