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We’re dedicated to simplifying and streamlining grant management.

Founded in 2008 by StreamLink Software, our key vision is to provide the tools and resources to take on complex — and often tedious — grant management processes. Our efficient, comprehensive solutions make us the leading grant management SaaS technology provider for public sector and nonprofit organizations.

AmpliFund grant software captures granular grant data, and automates hundreds of traditionally time-consuming administrative tasks. Throughout the grant lifecycle, AmpliFund drives efficiencies, simplifies reporting and builds regulatory compliance into your core operations. Our platform is trusted by thousands of users across a variety of sectors including federal, state and local governments, and nonprofits.

From configurable workflows to new revenue generation and payment management, we centralize grant management activities to save time and resources, eliminating frustrations caused by outdated systems — and driving more efficient grant management processes for the future of your enterprise.

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