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Grant Management Software to Amplify Your Impact

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To Amplify Your Impact and Become the Unsung Hero of Your Mission, You Have to Properly Manage the Grants That You Distribute

But there is a problem...

iconsai_Select-1Your administrative resources are limited

iconsai_Select-1There is a lack of visibility into the performance of your recipients

iconsai_Select-1Legislation such as the Uniform Grant Guidance (UGG) and the Grant Reporting Efficiency and Agreements Transparency (GREAT) Act continues to evolve and shift the focus for Grant Makers

iconsai_Select-1A history exists of recipients misappropriating funds or not drawing them down properly.

iconsai_Select-1It is challenging to communicate and collaborate with stakeholders and recipients

iconsai_Select-1Legacy systems and paperwork are causing time and effort burdens

We understand the pressure of complying with Federal regulations and legislation.

We’re here to help.

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“AmpliFund not only meets my organization’s needs well, but surpassed our expectations! As the Grant Administrator for a large healthcare system, I can’t even imagine doing my job without it. AmpliFund is your whole grant record in one place, from the application through closeout … We have 20,000+ employees spread across two states, and I can easily manage who has access to each grant record.”

Jeff Klein
OSF Healthcare Systems

Manage Thousands of Grants a Year and Get the Reporting You Deserve, All From One Dashboard

Here’s How We Distribute Grants and Improve
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Why AmpliFund for Grant Makers?

For any Grant Maker, ensuring your recipients are properly tracking performance and drawing down the funds you award is critical if you want that money to positively affect both yours and your recipients’ missions. Monitoring your own internal operations along with the ones of those you fund can be extremely difficult, especially when you are giving out a number of grants.

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How Much Could You Save?

Use our interactive ROI Calculator to see what your potential savings would be by using Grant Management Software for your organization.

The calculator evaluates administrative costs, risk factors, total savings, and your expected software ROI. 

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