AmpliFund Grant Maker

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    Easily Manage Recipients
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    Improve Performance Outcomes
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    Expand Internal Capacity

The Problem

Organizations are distributing and managing more funding than ever and don’t have the resources to keep up with the volume of applicants, awards, and compliance requirements.

You can end up spending more time on manual processes and paperwork instead of your long-term impact.

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The Solution

AmpliFund Grant Maker

Our cloud-based platform streamlines the entire grant process from application to closeout so you can maximize your impact while minimizing your workload.

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AmpliFund Grant Maker was created by grants professionals, for grants professionals, and its features are designed to manage every aspect of your funding in a single solution.

Create efficient processes that support compliance and mitigate risk

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Communicate seamlessly with everyone in your grants ecosystem

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You need a partner who understands federal guidance, and can give you the resources you need to manage your complex portfolio.

With AmpliFund, you will always have an open line of communication with a team that will go above and beyond to get you the resources you need.

If you need

Increased capacity to do more with less
Unmatched resources and long-term support
The right data, at the right time from one place

Create fast and further impact with our Grant Maker Solution.

Schedule a demo today and learn how AmpliFund Grant Maker can help your organization be more efficient, effective, and transparent.

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