AmpliFund Grant Seeker

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    Maintain Compliance
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    Meet Performance Goals
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    Maximize Drawdown

The Problem

Organizations are managing more funding than ever and don’t have the resources to match.

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The Solution

AmpliFund Grant Seeker

AmpliFund creates more capacity for your team so you can focus on your impact instead of paperwork.

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AmpliFund Grant Seeker is purpose-built to manage grants and is designed to help you stay on top of reporting deadlines and compliance requirements.

Create efficient processes that support compliance and mitigate risk

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Communicate seamlessly with everyone in your grants ecosystem

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You need a partner who understands federal guidance, and can give you the resources you need to manage your complex portfolio.

With AmpliFund, you will always have an open line of communication with a team that will go above and beyond to get you the resources you need.

If you need

Increased capacity to do more with less
Unmatched resources and long-term support
The right data, at the right time from one place

Make a greater impact with our Grant Seeker Solution.

Contact our sales team today to schedule a demo and learn how AmpliFund Grant Seeker can help your organization realize the full potential of your grants.

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