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Choose the Right Solutions Provider

Not all vendors are created equal. That is true in any industry. If you are in search of the right grant management software (GMS) to support your team and amplify your impact, you need to be sure you work with a SaaS provider that has the experience to understand your priorities and challenges. This isn’t just about some idealistic or academic goal of digital transformation. As a government entity making and/or receiving grants, you are under particular pressure to ensure compliance and fiscal responsibility as well as demonstrate true community impact. Your staff may be wary of technology. Your grant managers may be weary from trying to make decisions in the face of continually evolving federal regulations. And you may be competing for resources with departments that often garner more support. Be sure your GMS provider gets it.

You need a grant management solution provider that continues helping you and your organization long after you have the software up and running. You need an organization that can be more than software.

Here are some questions you can ask during your search to help you determine if you’re just investing in technology or gaining an extension to your team that will help your organization in a holistic way:

  • Does the software provider employ subject matter experts who have worked in government, managed grants, and achieved applicable certifications so that they truly speak your language?
  • Does the provider offer grant managers actionable guidance, compliance updates, and a library of resources to better equip you as a grant manager, help you improve process, and support your ability to amplify the impact of your grant dollars?
  • Does the vendor participate in conversations and partnerships with industry associations and groups regarding current and upcoming legislation?
  • Is the provider committed to adapting and evolving the software to meet the needs of its customers, industry advancements, and the growing demands from legislation on reporting requirements?
  • Are maintenance, customer support, and hosting included in the cost of the solution or are they added expenses?
  • Does the vendor ask for your feedback and really listen to what your organization’s pain points are and offer solutions that aren’t just tailored to their software’s capabilities?
  • Does the provider have a integration capabilities to ensure you are streamlining internal processes and improving efficiencies across teams and systems?
  • Has the provider recognized the value of partnerships that extend and support their offering?
  • Does the vendor have a track record of successfully managing grant processes at organizations similar to yours in size, structure, and needs?

Even before you become an AmpliFund customer, we welcome the opportunity to share expertise and provide access to materials that help you do your job more efficiently (check out our Learning Hub or reach out to let us know what you need). When you do become a customer, we hope you will see us as an extension of your team—here to help you when you need it long after implementation is complete.


If you’d like to learn more about us and tell us more about you, please schedule some time to chat. We’d be happy to answer questions, share resources, and help you identify if we’re the right solution provider for you.

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