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Common State Grant Management Challenges and the Solutions

Improving your state’s grants management processes can be overwhelming, especially as the space continues to evolve and become more complex. 

To help you improve your state’s processes and, in turn, increase your state’s grant dollars drawdown, we are sharing the five most common state grant management challenges (as identified by the Government Accountability Office and Data Foundation) and the best ways in which to remedy them.

Challenge: Lack of internal controls
Solution: Conduct regular trainings and establish a centralized hub

Challenge: Lack of allocation of duties
Solution: Clearly define user roles

Challenge: Issues with non-compliance
Solution: Associate costs with activities and identify changes, new strategies, and the success of performance goals

Challenge: Improper monitoring of progress
Solution: Establish transparency with accurate reports

Challenge: Lack of timeliness for grant closeout
Solution: Procure a robust notification system for the entire grant lifecycle

However, bringing efficiency to your state’s grant management doesn’t end with these five tips. From being aware of data legislation to researching state success stories, there’s more you can do to get the most out of your dollars. Read our full Managing State Grants ebook to learn more.

*Photo by Ferenc Horvath on Unsplash

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