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The OMB’s 2022 Compliance Supplement Has Been Released

The Office of Management and Budget released the 2022 Compliance Supplement on May 12, 2022.

The 2022 Supplement includes seven (7) new programs, five (5) of which are funded by the American Rescue Plan and the Consolidated Appropriations Act. It includes a program from the Small Business Administration for the first time and provides updated audit guidance for other programs as well. In total, the 2022 Supplement contains audit guidance for 235 individual programs and 48 clusters of programs from 22 Federal agencies. 

Additionally, the Supplement updates the list of COVID-19 programs that are determined as “higher risk” in Part 8, Appendix IV and provides timing information on the Federal Audit Clearinghouse transition from Census to GSA in Part 8, Appendix VII.  Overall, the 2022 Supplement is “a continuation of efforts to maximize the value of grant funding by applying a risk-based, data-driven framework that balances compliance requirements with demonstrating successful results. It requires a review for performance reporting for 63 programs”, according to Acting Controller, Deidre A. Harrison 

In short, keeping track of your performance and program outcomes will continue to be of the utmost importance when it comes to reporting on all of your COVID-19-related funds going forward. This focus on measurable outcomes ties in nicely with the Biden Administration’s focus on equity in funding distribution and its ability to increase accountability, provide transparency, and improve access when it comes to Federal spending and outcomes. 

To make sure you’re collecting the data you need for accurate performance reporting, you can:


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