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The Top 10 Resources of 2022

Grant professionals from various sectors turned to AmpliFund this year for guidance on grants best practices, ensuring they’re in the best position to stay compliant, and resources to help them understand Federal funding.

We want you to experience a better way to manage grants, and to do that, we are committed to making sure you have the resources you need to make the most of your funding.

It’s in that spirit that we want you to have the top 10 most popular AmpliFund resources of 2022 in case you missed them.

#10 – Understanding the Differences Between Managing ARPA & Traditional Funding

Data from ARPA-funded projects is used to inform future Federal policy decisions, so collecting it in an accurate way that tells a compelling story is extremely important. This article offers suggestions for grant programs on how to shift their grants management strategy to one that is effective for reporting on ARPA funding. Read More


#9 – How to Address Equity in Your Funding Policies

Federally funded projects that are created with Equity Frameworks in mind are more likely to be awarded. In order to help design programs or projects that meet these requirements, or evaluate program applications that meet them, this article provides an Equity Assessment Tool that will help you see the impact a particular project could make for underserved communities. Read more


#8 – Using Tactical Approaches to Achieve Strategic Implementation Goals

Many organizations struggle with achieving their long-term implementation goals, not because they didn’t have a plan, but because they may not have had relevant short-term goals built in. This article helps programs create those goals and a concrete strategy for achieving them. Read more


#7 – Centralizing Your Grants Management Practices with Limited Resources

Grant programs across the country are operating while under-resourced. Centralizing your grant management practices can create capacity for your team while standardizing processes for efficiency. This article offers advice on how to centralize, even when you’re understaffed. Read more


#6 – Congratulations on Becoming a Grants Manager. Now What?

Managing a grants program is a challenging job, and when you’re just getting started, missteps can create major problems for your funds down the road. This article offers advice and tips from experts and AmpliFund team members who have worked as Grant Managers to help you get started managing the entire grant lifecycle. Read more


#5 – The Beginner’s Guide to the 4 Types of Federal Grant Funding

There are more Federal grant funding opportunities than ever before and knowing where to find them and what managing them will entail isn’t always clear. This article provides an overview of the four main Federal funding types grant seekers will come across in their search for grant revenue and offers tips on how to apply for them. Read more


#4 – Pre-Award Risk Assessment: Assessing Risk in Uncertain Times 

Pre-award risk assessments are used to estimate the ability of an applicant to manage an award, but the criteria that must be evaluated often aren’t enough to make an accurate assessment. This article provides you with a Pre-Award Risk Assessment tool for you to evaluate what your organization values and your capacity to monitor subrecipients. Read more


#3 – Grant Management Response Readiness Checklist

Grants are complicated and managing them requires teams to stay on top of multiple deadlines, compliance requirements, and hundreds of documents. This article contains a brief checklist to help your grant program determine how prepared you are to manage multiple funding streams and see if supportive technology can help. Read more


#2 – Can You Use Your ARPA Funding for Technology Procurement?

The influx of ARPA funds has been great for governments, but overtaxed grant programs are struggling to manage it all. This article gives an overview of eligible expenses for technology procurement with ARPA funds so grant programs can get the support they need to manage their funding. Read more


#1 – The Ultimate Guide to Capacity-Building Grants

Capacity-building grants provide resources to organizations so they can pursue their mission and improve their sustainability. For grant makers, they represent an investment in the organization’s success. For grant seekers, they can determine the success or failure of a project. This guide outlines why capacity-building grants are important, how to find them, and how to increase your chances of winning them. Read more


We look forward to partnering with you in 2023 to provide the tools, resources, and exceptional customer service you need to realize the full potential of your funding.

If you want more information on any of the resources above, or more information on Federal compliance requirements, don’t hesitate to reach out. We want to get you the support you need.


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