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Updated SLFRF Explainer: Obligation IFR & Revised FAQs

Image of AmpliFund's Treasury's SLFRF Interim Final Rule on Obligation Explainer

Gain insights on how to better manage your SLFRF funds specific to Obligation IFR

The most recent update to the Interim Final Rule from the U.S. Department of Treasury includes a clarified definition of “obligation,” outlines key guidelines, extends deadlines, and shares revised FAQs.

Our updated Explainer contains all the critical information from the initial Obligation IFR release, as well as the following new guidelines based on the most recent update:

  • The new definition of “obligation”
  • Costs covered by SLFRF funds
  • Updated key obligation deadlines (including what you’ll need to do this year)
  • Implications for subrecipients and contractors
  • What this means for grant managers