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Managing Nonprofit Grants Guide

A guide to helping nonprofits standardize grant management processes for compliance and maximum drawdown.

Since grants are so critical to the missions and existence of nonprofits, efficient management of this funding is of the utmost importance. Unfortunately, due to the variety of grant types and the number of partners nonprofits work with on grants, it can be difficult for these organizations to ensure nothing falls through the cracks when it comes to grant management.

Nearly 30 percent of the funding for nonprofits comes from grants on average, according to DonationXchange. Grants are not only essential in helping nonprofits further their causes – or the reason they exist – but they also aid them in building and maintaining organizational infrastructure.

To help nonprofits improve their grant management, this guide shares insights including:

  • Current data legislation and how it may affect nonprofit grant management
  • Common grant management challenges and solutions
  • How software can improve your grant management
  • Next steps