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Does Your Municipality Struggle to Monitor Grant Funds?


Do you lack a centralized place to manage the grant funding for all of your local initiatives?

Has your municipality had to pay Federal fees for lack of performance or, even worse, lost funding?

Are you struggling to comply with regulations such as the Uniform Grant Guidance (UGG) and Grant Reporting Efficiency and Agreements Transparency (GREAT) Act that are pushing for increased recipient accountability?

Is a lack of resources making it difficult for your municipality to properly execute your grant programs?

Are you having difficulty finding new opportunities for diversifying your grant portfolio?

Is it difficult to communicate effectively with everyone involved in your grant process, including your subrecipients?

AmpliFund software gives you everything you need to properly manage your grants to maximize your local government grant funding and eliminate all the guesswork.

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Manage Thousands of Grants a Year and Get the Reporting You Deserve, All From One Dashboard

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Grant Management Doesn’t Need to Be Complicated

As a manager of local government grants, it’s critical that you expediently distribute funds to help achieve your mission and the missions of the organizations that are receiving funds. Not only that, but the pressure of managing multiple recipients at once while making sure everyone complies with increasing Federal regulations and legislation is becoming more difficult.

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