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What Our Clients Are Saying

  • “AmpliFund is a great fit. We have found the training and user support to be outstanding; the ability to keep up with reporting deadlines, project documents, and tasks is fabulous."

    Lynda P.

    Executive Director of Institutional Development

  • "AmpliFund has greatly enhanced our ability to research, pursue, and track grant documentation and details as an institution. In the past, audit compliance was a challenge, with key documents and information scattered across an array of spreadsheets, emails, and individual file folders. With AmpliFund’s simple interface and great organizational tools, it is all now housed in one central point. Our auditors loved it!”

    Edward C.

    Grant Manager

  • “AmpliFund not only meets my organization’s needs well, but surpassed our expectations! As the Grant Administrator for a large healthcare system, I can’t even imagine doing my job without it. AmpliFund is your whole grant record in one place, from the application through closeout … We have 20,000+ employees spread across two states, and I can easily manage who has access to each grant record.”

    Jeff K.

    Grants Administrator

  • The software was easily configurable to meet our needs, and the Streamlink team could not have been easier to work with.”

    Bruce L.

    VP, Consulting Services


    “Prior to AmpliFund we were trying to track all of our grants via shared Excel spreadsheets. AmpliFund far outweighs that antiquated method and is a great way for Sr. Leaders in our organization to check in and run reports as well as for all of us writers to be in the know on the life cycle of grants."

    Dawn M.

    Grants Coordinator

  • "The support team has been super helpful and responsive to our needs. I highly recommend AmpliFund to anyone who is looking for a full lifecycle grant management system."

    Shannon F.

    Grant Professional

  • "AmpliFund handles the transformation of grant reporting."

    Hudson H.

    Founder and Principal

  • "This provides a full grant cycle system, from application to post award closeout; the configuration of the application is pretty intuitive. There is a ton of flexibility in the configuration of the applications."

    Sarah C.


  • "Our whole grant management practice was a decentralized process and we didn't have the tools to manage it. With the help of AmpliFund now we are able to track all the grants easily and with the help of automation, we are able to save a lot of time on administrative tasks. This has saved us a lot of manual effort from our resources."

    Dhinesh C.

    Engineer II - Software Development

  • "AmpliFund has helped us rationalize the process and make sure we’re reflecting on what is required for compliance so we’re not gathering unnecessary information. Now a lot more thought is going into what the basis for awarding is, and now we have a more objective system to enforce the rules that make the program a lot more effective."

    Dave D.

    Director of Research