Grant Management Solutions Toolkit: Defining Goals & Objectives

AmpliFund has developed a goal-driven framework used to examine an organization’s current processes and make them more effective for performance reporting.



Understanding Your Organization’s Needs

Legislation is increasingly focusing on the importance of performance reporting to bring transparency to Federal spending. The underlying goal guiding this increase in performance reporting is increasing transparency, and finding ways to improve and increase access and equity through grant funded programs. Most programs could use this moment as an opportunity to reexamine their processes and put reporting in place that can provide early insight to adjust when needed to improve outcomes.

One of our goals at AmpliFund is to help you streamline and standardize your processes so your outcomes can become a larger focus of your grant program administration, and so you can report on your successes effectively.

By solidifying what your goals and objectives are for your program, you can more clearly see what steps you will need to take programmatically to achieve those goals.

AmpliFund has put together a goal-driven framework that can be scaled down to fit the needs of your individual organization or program.