Grant Management Solutions Toolkit: Preparing for Implementation

AmpliFund offers tips on how to make your grants management software implementation more efficient and successful.



By:  Jillian Neimeister

In a previous article, my colleague Rachel Bennett gave an overview of how you can examine the processes your organization has in place in order to improve your performance reporting capabilities. She recommended aligning your processes and workflows with your goals and objectives and gave some tips on how to map out what your existing processes are so you could imagine how they could be improved. Ultimately, implementing technology is one way to help you streamline your organization’s processes. While it isn’t always easy in and of itself, technology can certainly make grants management a much more streamlined endeavor.

The AmpliFund Delivery Team I lead has executed many successful implementations for clients ranging from small nonprofits with only a few grants being managed all the way to highly complex State Agencies. I wanted to give you some practical tips when it comes to planning for your grant management software implementation, so it goes smoothly from the get-go.

Implementations vary by industry and organization. There are a lot of factors that go into planning how long a client’s implementation will realistically take. Some factors include the size of your organization, the number of unique opportunities or awards you’re managing in the system, and especially the time your organization is willing to commit to implementation and training. For example, AmpliFund can take as little as three (3) months or a long as nine (9) to implement.

Here are some factors to consider when you’re planning your implementation timeline. Your grants management software partner can use this information to help plan your official project plan later on. We can start by doing some “requirements gathering.” You’ll hear that phrase a lot during your implementation, so let’s start using it now.