A guide to help you quickly and efficiently distribute and manage COVID-19 funding to expedite your community’s recovery.

The guide will help you create the optimal structure to best achieve the required reporting and recovery outcomes, including information on:

  • Building a recovery grants team
  • Selecting and implementing the right technology tool
  • Managing the integrity of your funds
  • Best practices for reporting and tracking to meet requirements
  • Measuring your outcomes for full transparency

Read the ebook online or download the guide below.

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Effectively managing recovery funds looks different than successfully managing the typical grant funding your organization receives. A community’s recovery from COVID-19 is dependent on how quickly organizations can distribute funds and how efficiently recipients can manage a higher than normal volume of grant dollars.

As a result, if you are dealing with COVID-19 funds, you will have to tailor what team you assemble to manage these funds, what tools you choose to help you manage these funds, the implementation of these tools, how you maintain the integrity of the funds, how you report on these funds, and how you measure the outcomes.