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Does Your State Struggle to Keep Up with Managing Funds?

Has your state had to pay federal fees or, even worse, lost funding?

Do you struggle with a lack of internal controls because of the many people and departments involved in your state’s grant management process?

Are you finding it difficult to clearly allocate duties to your state’s grant team?

Is your state failing audits due to erroneous performance metrics?

Is your state unable to keep up with the increasing amount of federal data legislation that directly impacts your grant management?

Has your state forgotten or ignored valuable grant dollars in the past?

Modernize Your Grant Management System

Manage Thousands of Grants a Year & Get the Reporting You Deserve, All From One Dashboard

For Grant Makers
For Grant Seekers
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Publish & collect applications

Utilize our user-friendly form builder to create funding opportunities for award applicants on your public web portal. Configure details including eligibility, budget, and more.

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Automate your review process

Take the complexity out of existing review processes with configurable workflows, measuring applications against competitive criteria and collaborating external reviewers on your vetting process.

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Manage awards at every stage

Communicate and manage recipient and sub-recipient performances and budget details, streamlining reporting and data collection along the way.


Helping You Improve Your Statewide Initiatives

As a manager of state grants, you understand that grant funding plays an integral role in funding your state’s initiatives. Grant revenue at the state-level benefits everything from education to infrastructure to health programs. However, from a lack of internal controls to antiquated processes, the mismanagement of grants is still all too common at the state-level.

AmpliFund grant management software will arm you with the proper system to manage your statewide grant initiatives through a centralized platform. With advanced features and configurable workflows, you can maximize the use of your grant funds, ensure statewide transparency, and maintain compliance with increasing legislation. 

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We believe that you shouldn’t have to make compromises when giving your team access to your grants management software. That’s why when you partner with us, you get unlimited user access for true grant visibility and centralization.

How To Manage State Grants

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