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5 Ways to Turn Your Grants Staff into a Mission-Driven Team

We know that you want to be a leader that inspires their team and helps them feel confident in their roles. If you have limited time and resources this can be especially challenging. We have five strategies you can begin to put into practice to develop a mission-driven team.

1. Lead by example 

Knowing how to navigate resources that can provide industry best practices and sharing those resources with your team will show them that you are a trusted source of truth. This allows your team to build a solid foundation based on continuous learning and industry expertise. Grants managers can accomplish this by staying up to date on the latest compliance guidelines, and we have resources to help you.

2. Help team members understand their role

Team members who feel competent in their skills are more likely to believe that they are a valued member of the team. You can help cultivate this by giving your team members an opportunity to train someone else in an aspect of their role. This is an opportunity to provide them with a chance to solidify their knowledge and abilities, see how their actions contribute to the bigger picture, and help them feel connected to others on the team. 

3. Don’t micro-manage 

You can cultivate self-determination in your team by showing them that you trust in their abilities. By allowing your team to solve problems together without having to seek input from you first for every decision, they will believe in their capability to work independently, and together, to overcome obstacles.  

4. Remind them of the big picture 

Demonstrating the good they have done in the community helps team members feel a shared sense of purpose. Giving team members access to performance reports can help them see the progress they are making toward the mission. The most significant effect of reporting on performance is, quite literally, seeing the change you have created in the world, so, make sure your team knows about it too!  

5. Support them  

Team members will feel supported when they are led by someone who has the knowledge to make them successful, trust in them to make decisions, and the foresight to drive everyone toward a common goal.  


Making sure everyone has the support they need helps sustain a team. With purpose-built software, the automation of tasks and reporting deadlines frees up everyone’s time to concentrate on finding meaning in their role and making an impact.  AmpliFund can help you create capacity so your team can concentrate on what matters.

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