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Indirect Costs: Explained

Indirect costs are expenses that are not directly tied to a project but are necessary for the operation of an organization. Check out our explainer for more information on indirect costs and tips on how to calculate them.

Explainer: OMB’s 2024 Compliance Supplement Updates & Changes

If you don’t have time to read all 2,105 pages of the OMB’s 2024 Compliance Supplement, download our Explainer. We’ve summarized the changes and included links to help you navigate to the information that is most relevant to you. Give it a read to understand the changes, their impact, and your next steps.

Subrecipient Monitoring Risk Assessment Tool

There are multiple ways to conduct risk assessment for your own organization, adding subrecipients can complicate risk assessment even more. To help ensure you ask subrecipients the right questions, we have designed a Subrecipient Monitoring Risk Assessment Tool to get you started.