Grant Compliance & Reporting Essentials

An Amplifund Webinar Series

Webinar #1: Effective Grant Budgeting and Easier Financial Reporting

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Effective Grant Budgeting and Easier Financial Reporting

How you create and maintain your grant budget is essential to meeting funder reporting requirements and maintaining compliance with internal financial policies and processes. Accurate and comprehensive grant budgets and spend plans are key for an organization to effectively scope and implement their projects, empowering them to track and monitor progress as well as identify risks that need to be mitigated along the way.

Once the budget plan is built, you’ll need a process for tracking, reconciliation, and reporting (which all becomes more complex if you are also regranting funds). Ultimately, all of this should not only support your compliance efforts but also amplify the impact of your programs. While essential, it can certainly feel daunting.

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • The essentials of budgeting for grant projects
  • Financial reporting requirements and best practices
  • How a grant management system (GMS) can complement an ERP or financial system

You'll walk away with:

  • Our Grant Compliance & Reporting Requirements Explainer that outlines the key legislative acts, regulations, and funding changes redefining grant management. We also provide practical steps to help you navigate the increased demands for transparency, accountability, and efficiency in this new environment.

Dan Holtz, CGMS, LSSGB

Director of Implementation Services, AmpliFund

Formerly a financial analyst with the Department of Defense, Dan brought his experience aligning systems and processes with the requirements of federal programs to AmpliFund in 2018. A Certified Grant Management Specialist, he oversees a team of implementation leads and also directly manages implementation for a variety of customers. His goal is to instill best practices for data management and process creation to increase drawdown, decrease risk, and amplify the impact of grant programs.


Andrew Brooks

Senior Solutions Engineer, AmpliFund

Andrew Brooks is a seasoned professional in the field of grant management solutions, serving as a Senior Solutions Engineer AmpliFund. He plays a crucial role in demonstrating innovative solutions tailored to the specific needs of public sector agencies and is dedicated to empowering them with ways to enhance efficiency and transparency in grant administration. Andrew’s passion for leveraging technology to drive positive outcomes underscores his role as an asset to both AmpliFund and the clients he serves.

Grant Compliance & Reporting Essentials

Grant Reporting That Drives Impact and Demonstrates Results

Join us to better understand what data you need to track; how to set clearly defined goals; different reporting formats and requirements; and tips for communicating project outcomes, impact, and financial information in a compelling manner.

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Navigating Compliance: The Vital Role of a GMS

Webinar #3 covers the value of data and document centralization; tying grant activities to performance metrics, goals, and measurable outcomes; reviewing example reports, including a SEFA report, and leveraging the built-in report scheduler.

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