Grant Compliance & Reporting Essentials

An Amplifund Webinar Series

Wednesdays in February and March 2024

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Effective Grant Budgeting and Easier Financial Reporting

In this webinar, we covered the essentials of budgeting for grant projects; financial reporting requirements and best practices; and how a grant management system (GMS) can complement an ERP or financial system.

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Grant Reporting That Drives Impact and Demonstrates Results

Join us to better understand what data you need to track; how to set clearly defined goals; different reporting formats and requirements; and tips for communicating project outcomes, impact, and financial information in a compelling manner.

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Navigating Compliance: The Vital Role of a Grant Management System

Webinar #3 covers the value of data and document centralization; tying grant activities to performance metrics, goals, and measurable outcomes; reviewing example reports, including a SEFA report, and leveraging the built-in report scheduler.

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