Great grant management systems integrate with other external software. Some common tools include:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Correlate business planning and grant data so all activities and money-spent line up as intended during initial stages.
  • Financial and Accounting. Compare money coming and going from your organization to grants awarded and spent. Link transactions directly to applicable grant budget line items.
  • HR/Payroll System. Automatically connect and spread paid wages across multiple grants.

System integration provides many benefits for your organization, such as centralization, enhanced visibility and reduced time spent on administrative work.

Grant Software Integration is a Challenge

A recent Software Advice study found that system integration was the most common challenge faced by grant management software users (75%).


According to the report, “grant management software rarely operates in a bubble;” and “systems don’t always play nice, which can result in missing data and glitches when integrated incorrectly.”

So, how do you overcome these obstacles?

Best Practices for Software Integration

Technology compatibility starts during the software selection process. As you research grant management solutions, consider these best practices:

  • Audit your existing technology stack, noting where integrations could improve efficiencies, workflows and performance.
  • When speaking with grant software vendors, seek to understand each system’s integration capabilities with the technology you use. Look for pre-built integrations or open APIs so that your team can build necessary connections.
  • Work with your vendor and internal team to measure scope, tools and resources needed to integrate systems. Be sure to plan for these items in your implementation timeline and budget.
  • Identify the format for which data will be transferred.
  • Ensure proper security measures are taken so systems and data are effectively secured.
  • Select individuals within your organization to test system integration before rolling out to the entire team.

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