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Make the most of your grant funds.

Grantees are responsible for carefully tracking grant opportunities, funds and goals related to their program. Even more, the success of future initiatives depends on grantees’ ability to measure things like performance, budget spend and management, and more. 

AmpliFund gives you a single, powerful platform to oversee the various phases of enterprise grant management. By simplifying administrative tasks and increasing collaboration, we make it easy to maximize your grant dollars — and keep your funders happy. 

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Turn proposals into action

AmpliFund makes it easy to define program requirements, outline budget and performance objectives, and quickly begin automating data collection processes.

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Research new grant opportunities

We consolidate grants that are relevant to your agency or organization, matching you with opportunities that meet your criteria — and alerting you when new ones are added.

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Analyze and track grant success

Our interactive dashboards and reporting allow you to track grant portfolio performance, arming you with insights to mitigate risk while improving efficiency and success. 


Identify strategic grant program and funding goals

Track grant application status and report on solicitation success rates

Simplify grant management processes through real-time, step-by-step tracking

Manage and track performance against grant program goals

Import expenses from your internal financial systems, managing and matching funds

Generate payment requests for advances and reimbursements, tracking drawdown utilization

Carefully define project details and duration for one or multiple grants

Reconcile grant funds, generate final payment requests and complete specific closeout tasks

Our grant management expertise doesn’t stop here.

OSF Healthcare

“AmpliFund not only meets my organization’s needs well, but surpassed our expectations! As the Grant Administrator for a large healthcare system, I can’t even imagine doing my job without it. AmpliFund is your whole grant record in one place, from the application through closeout … We have 20,000+ employees spread across two states, and I can easily manage who has access to each grant record.”

Jeff Klein
OSF Healthcare Systems

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